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Feat. Mello Will, London Savoy, Kidd Slopes & More. 

"Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart "


RESTORATION / The PoeticRockstar

The PoeticRockstar taps into his life experience of trauma, dealing with personal depression, relationship issues, and loosing core friendships. This album isn’t a sad album by far, its more of YOU album. Restoration also taps into the recovery portion of being able to bounce back from life many everyday traumas. The PoeticRockstar allowed his trauma to become the soundtrack for any type of day you are having, wether you are happy, sad, emotional, or angry this is an album for you. The production was also crafted to give you an identified feeling to whatever current mood you are in.

To My Fans ..

After listening to this album I want my fans to know that no matter who you are we all go through tough times and experience personal traumas and that there is always someone out here worse off than you but no matter what as long as you stay level you can restore yourself and that your not alone